Are you having aggression, obedience, house training or any other issue you can’t solve?

Do you just want to enjoy a high level of obedience with your pet?

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Are you and your dog having issues?

Has he gone from being your cute little pup to the dog from hell?

If doggie dearest has become overly aggressive, defiant, stubborn and just plain disobedient to the point where he refuses to participate in basic training exercises like house training? Are you tired of cleaning up his mess whenever he decides to leave a smelly surprise on your rug?

If you are like so many of our formerly frustrated clients, you are probably at your wit’s end trying to get Fido to comply with the basic rules of canine/ human relationships? Before  you lose all hope, let’s have a conversation. Canine TrainingCamp may be the solution for your dog’s behaviour issues. Let’s have a conversation about how our Canine Camp can turn your “Dog From Hell” into a dog that’s swell, a dog you can be proud of.

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You two need a break from one another. That separation is part of our plan. Under the supervision of our knowledgeable trainers, we implemented a program that will convert your dog into a dog that you have always dreamed of owning: a true companion and life-long friend that is not only fun for everyone in your family, but also a calm  obedient animal that is predictable whenever he meets a friend or greets other dogs and people.

Our goal is to create a dog that will be fun to live with and easy to take care of . With practice, he will soon become an animal who will react intuitively with you while reacting properly to  you and your commands in whatever surroundings he may find himself in.Imagine the pleasure of owning a dog who will also obey on command and properly greet new people, dogs and friends.

Over the years, we constantly query  our clients on the sort of results they might expect  from a high level dog training program. The answers are incredibly consistent with what we teach with each of our three training options.

We Have Learned From Experience

Our trainers, after years of experience learned that we can encourage greater degrees of success by exposing your dog to a number of unique locations and distractions for the purpose of extending their comfort zones to include field trips to a unfamiliar locations where your dog can become acclimated to a number of experiences and gain new confidence with exposure to new places and people.

Is Your Dog a Candidate For Canine Camp?

As an Equal Opportunity Boot Camp. We accept all breeds, colors, sexes, and religions. We love to work with both male and female students. Experience indicates that the best age for dogs to enter our program is 6 months.

We offer three levels of training, after which we undergo a number of follow up sessions with you and your dog at your home to reinforce the focused program your dog has completed. By that time, most of the hard work has been done and you are left with follow-up and repetitive  reinforcement.

A huge part of the success of our Canine Boot Camp is getting your dog to obey commands in new places and around new distractions. To accomplish this, we go out in the world to trips to various locations, where we expose your dog to many unique and unfamiliar situations. We know from experience that our program is the best way to educate and socialize  your dog. You will love the results.

Every dog, like every human is different. That’s why our  Boot Camp offer three levels of training. The first is essentially basic obedience, which is spelled out earlier in our Ten Day Basic Obedience Plan which we have discussed in earlier paragraphs.

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For more information and pricing on our three exclusive programs, call us about scheduling a start date and about the required health certification documents, scheduling as well as any specific information and pricing on Plan 1, Plan 2 or Plan 3.

We are the Canine Training Plan of Colorado Springs.

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